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Trollblood Blitzer/Bomber/Mauler
Trollblood Blitzer/Bomber/Mauler Dire Troll Kit...
Düstertroll Sturmläufer, Düstertroll Bomber, Düstertroll Knochenbrecher Although dangerous and unpredictable, the powerful dire trolls serve their trollkin allies in a variety of battlefield roles. The dire troll mauler is a creature of...
32,85 € * 36,50 € *
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Trollblood Trollkin Long Riders
Trollblood Trollkin Long Riders Cavalry Unit...
Bisonreiter Box (5) Long riders gallop into battle as inexorably as the tide, riding thick-framed and powerfully muscled bison that pound the earth beneath thundering hooves as they charge to shatter enemy lines. The impact of these...
80,00 € * 88,99 € *
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