Ruinscape Pack

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  • SW10284
A customisable 6' x 4' Ruined Battlefield in a box 10mm Scale Box contains: 20 x Card... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ruinscape Pack"

A customisable 6' x 4' Ruined Battlefield in a box
10mm Scale
Box contains:

  • 20 x Card buildings (pre-cut, pre-folded, 20 designs, 615 micron)
  • 24 x Card ground tiles, double sided (1'x1', 24 face designs, 380 micron)

Build a Complete Ruined Looking Urban Battlefield!
  • All the scenery you need for large games of DZC (6' x 4' table)
  • Can be built to 4' x 4' size, suitable for most standard DZC games
  • Double sided 1' x 1' ground tiles provide customisable surface
  • 24 Ground tile face designs allow for thousands of combinations!
  • 20 Different card buildings in 5 sizes - vibrant, coated finish
  • Pre-prepared buildings allow for fast assembly - no cutting required
  • Multiple sets can be combined easily to create massive game boards!
  • Compatible with highly detailed resin parts and free to download self-print scenery
  • Flat, rigid base surface recommended (e.g. tabletop, foamcore, MDF or plywood)
  • You can glue or tape ground tiles down once you have determined your optimum layout for maximum solidity.
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