RedgrasGames - Studio XL - Complete Pack Bundle

RedgrasGames - Studio XL - Complete Pack Bundle
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Extra large for Pros and Enthusiasts. Our largest palette with the best hydration system on... mehr
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Extra large for Pros and Enthusiasts. Our largest palette with the best hydration system on earth. Size 20cm x 30 cm (7,9? x 11,8?)

Our huge painting area will allow you to paint an army at once, or several projects in parallel. The paint won?t dry out during your painting session. You can stop painting for a few days. You will be able to perform advanced technics. All this with the perfect ergonomics for a worry-less daily use.

Studio XL : made for Pros and Enthusiasts looking for a huge painting area. It?s perfect for medium to large-sized paint stations. Studio Everlasting Wet Palette can also be extended using the top lid as a side Palette.

A perfectly designed and resistant wet palette for pro:
Pro painters require space to express their art or carry out large projects. Studio, made from strong ABS, was designed with the pro miniature painter in mind. Low profile, with a TPE joint, it will be the perfect tool for painting miniatures. The size is perfect for and will allow people to carry very large projects or several painting projects in parallel with confidence. If you need even more space, the lid can be used as a side tray.

Our hydration paper is unique:
Our Unique formula creates the perfect membrane to moisturise your paint. It won?t create bleeding or overflowing, will stabilise the paint and thus help you mast the most advanced technics. It?s also easy to use, as it is cut to dimension and will stick to the foam once in place.

Our foam is the perfect match for our paper:
The foam was designed to have a very smooth surface, neutral colour and store a lot of water for its weight.
Naturally mold resistant, it will not allow the growth of mold. So no bad smell, even after a few days. And it won?t deteriorate over time.

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